Architectural 3D Models


Architectural 3D Models - What for?

Designed for architects, consultants, developers and individuals, the 3D model printing service was developed by Neves & Ferrão with the main purpose of anticipating and facilitating the physical visualization of the project, product, house or enterprise that is being developed. All you have to do is send us your digital 3D model and we'll take care of the rest.

The main purpose of the 3D Model is to help approve your projects, facilitate their promotion and simplify the exchange of spatial ideas related to the project. This is a small-scale volumetric simulation that aims to clearly demonstrate what the building will look like after completion.

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A few possibilities:

  • Scale: 1/50; 1/100; 1/200; 1/500; among others
  • Materials: PLA or ABS
  • Color: PLA or ABS filament color palette, vinyl 2D painting or printing
  • Texture: PLA, ABS or patterned texture.
  • Furniture: with or without furniture
  • Frames: with or without frames
  • Doors: with or without doors
  • Exteriors: with or without exteriors

Main advantages

  • Low cost. For example, the 3D printing price for a 1/100 scale house of 200m2 will be around € 150.00. This value is negligible compared to the time traditionally spent on architect-client communication related to space issues. It's also considerably cheaper than running a model manually.
  • Facilitates understanding of spaces for people that are not used to visualising three-dimensional spaces.
  • For real estate consultants and developers, it allows a simple and direct expression to the final client of the project that is planned for land that has not yet been built.
  • Enables a quick and basic study of lighting, colors, textures, equipment location, and furniture positioning.
  • When observing the printed model, the identification and correction of possible incompatibilities that could not be detected before construction becomes linear.

If you are an architect, real estate consultant, real estate developer or private client, contact us, we will be happy to explain the steps to materialize your project!


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