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Raúl Ferrão é o Responsável pelo Departamento de Arquitectura e Especialidades

We are the team that makes up one of the six departments of Neves & Ferrão, the Department of Architecture Projects and Specialties.

Our office is situated in Rua Abel Salazar, Loja 38A in Telheiras and it is there that we dedicate ourselves every day to the development of architectural and engineering projects, mostly housing for individuals, offices for companies and special structures for companies and public entities.

We mainly develop activities such as the elaboration and printing of plans, cuts, elevations, details, specifications, measurements, budget estimates and models. We prepare and deliver in digital and paper format, licensing processes, prior communications and legalizations. We deal with official entities such as City Councils, EDP, SMAS, EPAL among many others, on a daily basis. 
In addition to that, we have also developed work site safety coordination, health and safety plans, construction and demolition waste prevention and management plans.

Raúl Ferrão was born in Angola, in 1981, and graduated in Civil Engineering from the Faculty of Science and Technology of the Universidade Nova de Lisboa. He is one of the two partners of the company Neves & Ferrão, Lda. And holds 50% of its share capital.

He specialized in structural design but came to start his professional career as an assistant project manager and subsequently project manager. In 2012 he founded the company Neves & Ferrão.

For 2020, the objectives he outlined for the Department of Architecture and Specialties are: expansion of the department's response capacity and at the same time increasing the size of the projects we carry out. In 2020 we have a surprise, a new activity that will be announced in force in the second semester.

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